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Located in the heart of Canada’s oil & gas industry, Gas Alberta’s suppliers include producers, marketers, traders and bankers. Our size provides us with exceptional buying power:  

  • Contracting with more suppliers than required, ensures competitive prices for our customers.

  • Purchasing natural gas directly from producers eliminates third party premiums on daily index prices.

  • Purchases for all our  customers, regardless of size, are carried out under a competitive bid process.

Advisory Services


GAE is the only service provider of its kind to offer a wide array of services ranging from advisory services to energy supply or both. After all, the primary objective of all procurement programs is to have a good hedge strategy that removes price volatility but the best hedge strategy is implemented under the best possible price.


With dedicated access to live NYMEX futures pricing and ICE exchange our customers have access to real-time pricing every second of every minute while the markets are open. Not just on the day but the forward price curve as well.

Customer Solutions


At GAE we understand the frustration that many consumers experience in the energy market in realizing that their desire to maintain budget adherence usually comes at a cost. No one wants to give up money today in hopes that they get it back tomorrow. A good hedge strategy is not how much you gain if your price expectations are correct, but how much you lose if your price expectations are wrong.


GAE has a proven and successful track record of providing our customers with the right solutions to meet their gas cost management initiatives.

Gas Management


In Alberta, GAE is the only service provider that allows customers to contract directly in the wholesale market. Customers can bypass Retailers and RFP directly with banks and natural gas clearinghouses. 

Risk Management


Gas Alberta Energy specializes in customer solutions using price probability risk management. Our strength is in understanding where both the market and the supply are in their price expectations. Both cash and futures market prices move on perception and prices often react to information without waiting for verification.

Customer Care


GAE’s experienced employees maintain an in-depth knowledge of the ongoing changes in the energy market. We want to ensure our customers get the best quality advice and service. We take great pride in trying to resolve customer issues within the hour. No call center, just personalized assistance with your account.


Our phone lines are open, just give us a call if you have a question regarding your bill, your distribution costs or simply, our views on the market. Our resources and experience are there for your benefit 24/7.

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