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Alberta Energy Marketing Regulation & Fair Trading Act

​If you consume greater than 2500 gigajoules of gas per year or 250 megawatt hours of electricity per year you do not have to purchase natural gas or electricity from a licensed Retailer. What does this mean? On average residential customers consume 119 gigajoules per year of natural gas. For their safety, government regulations require that they purchase natural gas from a licensed Retailer. A consumer, with multiple sites, that in aggregation uses greater than 2500 gigajoules a year can bypass the Retail market and buy natural gas at a lower cost in the wholesale market.


2019/2020 Natural Gas Market Outlook

GAE issues seasonal market reports. If you would like to receive these reports or have questions regarding GAE's publications, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at:


UCP Government Eliminates Alberta Carbon Levy

Alberta Government

The UCP has enacted legislation to repeal the carbon levy as of May 30, 2019. Distributors will not be charging the carbon levy to retailers for customer usage after May 29, 2019. Consequently, retailers will not be billing the carbon levy to customers.

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